We offer a wide range of quality products for your outdoor landscaping, road and crushed stone parking, french drain, skeptical fields, building land filling and adequate floor for your new pool cabana.

In addition, Carrière Dagenais holds environment is close to his heart. That is why we offer 100% recycled asphalt. What better way to pave a road or parking at lower cost while making a nice gesture for the environment. 

We offer shipping from one yard and more, but pick-up is also available on site if you want to come get your materials.

For your children!

We now offer 100% natural cedar fiber for playground, this new product is non-toxic and without additives. It allows to create a safe environment for your child and has excellent damping capacity of the impact when a fall occurs. This significantly reduces the risk of injury.

It is ideal for public and residential playgrounds. We also have an excellent beach sand that is ideal for sandboxes and it does not stain clothes!